Visible Bridges is a hub for learning experiences that creates a visible bridge between the position you are in now, and where you want to be in the (nearby) future.

By providing qualitative content and tools, such as online and class teaching, custom-made trainings, coaching experiences, workshops and unusual activity-based experiences, we make individuals, teams and companies aware of the full potential within themselves. We want to help you develop new skills, grow and improve.

What discerns Visible Bridges from any other learning hub is that we make sure that the change is digitally visible by visualising the process. We are not a corporate body, but a collaboration between experts who put (self-)development and improvement first.

We make the change visible.


Steven is a Senior Manager and Executive Coach of national and international programme participants at Vlerick Business School, the N°1 international business school in Belgium. As Executive Coach at Vlerick, he helped high potentials, managers and business owners of many different nationalities to grow and be more successful. As Senior Manager with expertise in Facilities and IT, he was nominated and won several national and international prizes for projects he led or was actively involved in. He is frequently asked by top managers from other companies or business schools to give advise or be a guest-speaker at events and in courses. Driven by his personal interests, being learning (self-development and new skills), teaching, coaching and ICT and Facilities, he made it his vocation to assist individuals, teams and companies in growing, improving and becoming more successful.

“I want to offer qualitative learning experiences that really matter in the current society.” – Steven Clemminck

To Steven, Visible Bridges forms a platform that allows him to reach more people help individuals, teams and companies in their process of growth and development. He considers Visible Bridges his personal contribution to positively influencing our current struggling society by clarifying those topics that are not being tackled at any school or university, but nevertheless do have an enormous impact on your personal and professional life.

Dominique is digital storyteller with more than ten years experience in the field of filming, digital editing, directing and storytelling both in Belgium and internationally (Brunei, Costa Rica, Lebanon, Los Angeles, New York, Sweden…). Gradually, he developed an interest in body language and coaching. Having followed various programs, trainings and coaching sessions related to body language, mindfulness and mentoring, he has now reached a certain balance in his life that allows and encourages him to pass on his knowledge and experience to others. Creativity, innovation and congruency are the pillars in his daily life and these are present in anything he does; from filming, storytelling and designing to teaching and coaching.

Website: www.domidiaz.com

“Visible Bridges is my (creative) outlet that allows me to discover unique experiences, coach others and continue learning.” – Dominique De Vlieger

For Dominique, Visible Bridges is a means to combine his passion for creation and continuous self-development through unique experiences and coaching, along with his desire to bring people together and help them in their personal and collective process towards self-improvement and growth. Besides his responsibility of the audiovisual productions within Visible Bridges, Dominique is also a body language coach and he collaborates on creating the content of the (online) programmes.


“I would describe Dominique best as an inspirer, a visual perfectionist and a pursuer of self-development. He is the ‘Mr. Visible’ within Visible Bridges, and an expert in visualising changes,” says Steven. It is exactly this harmony between personal and professional coaching experiences and stunning visualisations of the process that makes their collaboration successful.


“Steven is the only coach I have ever met that gave me the space that I needed to discover and develop my true identity. He has always given me enough freedom to be myself, without imposing anything on me,” according to Dominique. Consequently, their aligned visions and ideas make for a compliant and successful collaboration.